Website Powered by Solar Energy

The Chiang Mai Umbrellas website is powered by clean solar energy.

our website it powered by solar energy

Our website and email run directly on solar panels. Reliably and durably.

You too, can reduce your carbon footprint by switching your site or blog to solar energy! It's easy to do. It does not cost much more than the gas, coal, oil or nuclear energy your site is using now. We recommend finding a provider with real renewable energy, instead of purchasing so-called carbon credits or offsets.

Contact us if you like to know more, or proceed directly to our California solar hosting supplier AISO at Mention JEDI/Supa sent you!

What else are we doing?

To prepare for our own solar panels we have made an energy audit. It showed a few surprises that guided us to immediately reduce our energy use. All regularly used lights are now LED, and our PCs are turned completely off when not in use.

Our hydroponics system runs on solar power. We do the local deliveries of parts and products with our electric pick-up trike, named "Elmo", custom made for our needs. Affordable fully electric vehicles are not yet available in our region, so we have purchased a second-hand hybrid vehicle, the "Voyager", to further reduce our carbon footprint. For two other vehicles we are looking into the possibility of a custom conversion.

Every little bit counts. If we can do it, so can you.