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The Chiang Mai Umbrellas website is powered by clean solar energy.

Our website it powered by solar energy

You too, can reduce your carbon footprint. Switch your site or blog to clean solar energy! It's fairly easy to do. It does not cost much more than dirty energy. We recommend finding a provider with real renewable energy, instead of purchasing so-called carbon credits or offsets.

Contact us if you like to know more about converting your online presence, or proceed directly to our California solar hosting supplier AISO at www.aiso.net. Mention JEDI/Supa sent you!

We actively strive to reduce our carbon foot-print. This is what we've done so far:

We have done an electric energy audit, to prepare for installing solar energy. That immediately pointed out energy saving opportunities. We replaced all regularly used lights with LED, and decided to completely turn off all PCs when not in use: about 30% reduction in electric consumption. Plus

1. We have adjusted our housing and workshop to use natural air, without air-conditioned cooling or heating.
2. We have installed solar panels for our hydroponic installation, and for two water pumps.
3. We have purchased an electric pick-up trike, custom made for our local village transport needs, named "Elmo".
4. We have installed a roof-mounted solar water heater.
5. We have planted 1,000 trees, and later added another 2,000 trees on private land.
6. We have purchased a second-hand hybrid vehicle. Nickname Voyager, due to its space-age dashboard and other niftyness.
7. We are looking to convert a now lesser used Honda CRV 1998 and Mazda Familia 1992 to fully electric (BEV).

Every little bit counts. If we can do it, so can you.