Chiang Mai Umbrellas and Sunisa Umbrella Factory value your privacy and your security when using the web and our web site.

Your Privacy

We will never share inquiry or customer data with anyone, other than those required to complete your purchase and those required by law.

Name and address details

Name, address and phone details are needed to calculate shipping cost, prepare the payment process and to arrange shipping. You send us these details by our contact page or by email. The information contained in your initial contact inquiry may be stored on our web site. All other details are not. To make a purchase, you need to share some of these details with the payment processor, that is your bank or Paypal. So, their privacy policies apply as well.

Browsing data and cookies

Our site collects non-personal statistical data such as your originating ip address, the browser and operating system you use, and your internet service provider. If you have 'cookies' enabled on your web-browser, as is usually the case, your computer may remember its visit with us. These are non-personally identifiable statistical data that most other websites collect as well. These too, are not shared with anyone.

As a matter of principle, our web site does not place so-called "third-party" cookies, such as from google analytics, advertising agencies or any other tracking services. These are generally used to combine your various activities on the internet in order to provide you self-serving content, while suppressing other content whose existence you won't be informed of.


An exception to the non-disclosure of statistical and personal information is for abuse of our web site, email, and for abuse or fraudulent use of financial transactions, which are reported to the authorities, or if we are required to do so by law. So far, we have not disclosed such information on these grounds since our establishment.


Website security

Chiang Mai Umbrellas uses a modern, continuously updated web site system, open-source Drupal. Among many others, it is used, for example, by > this website.

Secure connection

Our website does not collect or store sensitive user data. Nevertheless:

As part of a general trend towards a more secure internet, as of 17 July 2017 switched all website traffic to secure socket layer /transport layer security (SSL/TLS) - showing the Pad Lock icon. The entire website is automatically assigned the "https" prefix. Your browsing is encrypted, your contact message is encrypted. Email was always and continues to be encrypted.

Paypal and credit card payment

Payments are not processed through our web site. We send you an invoice which can be paid directly at the Paypal web site, or by bank transfer. Your payment details are not stored on our web site. With payment by Paypal, these details are recorded and stored with Paypal.

Paypal says they also offer payment by credit card without being a Paypal member. In all cases, Paypal's privacy policy and terms apply. If you do not wish to use Paypal, contact us, we can process your payment with bank transfer or another method.

Please do ensure that - as usual - you do not send sensitive data such as credit card details in any non-secure email or contact page. We will never ask you, neither by mail nor any part of our website, for sensitive data such as credit card details.