Chiang Mai Classic Patio Umbrellas

Last updated
22 February 2018

Summer, sunshine and shade. This is where our Chiang Mai Classic Patio and Garden Umbrella comes in.

Patio and Garden Cachet

The Chiang Mai Classic Patio Umbrella does its work best in strong sunshine, providing a generous shade in a classic atmosphere. It is the larger sibling of the smaller Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella and is similarly made with choice, strong bamboo. Its cotton-based cover has been made water resistant with mostly traditional and some modern materials. It provides excellent sun protection and very good rain protection.

Image - Chiang Mai Classic™ Patio Umbrellas - UK Wedding
Image - Chiang Mai Classic Wholesale Patio Umbrellas
Image - Chiang Mai Classic Wholesale Patio Umbrellas with Hand Painted Designs
Image - Chiang Mai Classic™ Patio Umbrellas - Details

As all our bamboo umbrellas it is made with environmentally sustainable materials in a socially responsible, fair trade work environment.


  • Diameter 125 cm (4.1 ft), height 200 cm (6.5 ft), weight 2.00 kg (4.4 lbs)
  • Diameter 175 cm (5.7 ft), height 212 cm (6.9 ft), weight 3.00 kg (6.5 lbs
  • Diameter 200 cm (6.5 ft), height 220 cm (7.2 ft), weight 4.00 kg 8.8 lbs)
  • Diameter 250 cm (8.2 ft), height 260 cm (8.5 ft), weight 5.00 kg (11 lbs)

Height is the total length of the umbrella pole with umbrella top. The umbrella pole consists of two sections.

Colors and Paintings

To specify a color or a hand painting please use the gallery description, for example "red" or "Silver Lotus on red". Add this color or painting description to the product code. Select from colors and hand paintings in our gallery pages:

Our Patio and Garden Umbrellas have the same color selection as our hand carried Chiang Mai Classic Umbrellas. The painted designs can be similar as well, or very different. Generally, for same type of paintings, patio umbrellas may show a lesser degree of detail.

2016 Summer most popular colors for Chiang Mai Classic™ Patio and Garden Umbrellas:
Off-white, cream, light (whisper) and medium (dove) grey, dark (cocoa) brown.

Models and Details

Solid Colors

  • TAG-101-125 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet - 125 cm diameter
  • TAG-101-175 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet - 175 cm diameter
  • TAG-101-200 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet - 200 cm diameter
  • TAG-101-250 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet - 250 cm diameter

With Hand Painting

  • TAG-201-125 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet, painting - 125 cm diameter
  • TAG-201-175 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet, painting - 175 cm diameter
  • TAG-201-200 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet, painting - 200 cm diameter
  • TAG-201-250 - Chiang Mai Patio Umbrella with bonnet, painting - 250 cm diameter

To let us know which products you are interested in, please use these model numbers. Colors and hand paintings are communicated by their name, for example "red" or "Silver Lotus on red".

Wholesale Price Patio Umbrellas

Wholesale prices are based on quantity. Shown prices for Chiang Mai Classic Patio Umbrellas are ex works for the minimum order quantity of 6 pieces in assorted sizes, colors and painted design patterns.

Patio Umbrellas Solid Colors:
  • TAG-101-125 is 38.90 US$/each
  • TAG-101-175 is 44.90 US$/each
  • TAG-101-200 is 49.90 US$/each
  • TAG-101-250 is 54.90 US$/each
Patio Umbrellas Hand Painted:
  • TAG-201-125 is 49.90 US$/each
  • TAG-201-175 is 55.90 US$/each
  • TAG-201-200 is 62.90 US$/each
  • TAG-201-250 is 69.90 US$/each

The ex-works price includes export packaging for overseas shipping. It excludes shipping cost. We calculate and send you our suggestion for most economic shipping based on your location, preferred models, quantity and delivery deadline.

Umbrella Base

Above price is for the Chiang Mai Classic Patio Umbrella, without base. The optional standard base for this umbrella is a matching, foldable, tripod bamboo base, as shown in the last image, the collage of umbrella details. Yet any base with a suitable diameter can be used for this umbrella.

The shipping cost of bases may equal the shipping cost of the umbrellas. To save on shipping costs, consider if a shop near you can supply a locally made base. Contact us for the matching bamboo base or a hardwood base.

Customized Logo or Text

You can customize and personalize your Patio Umbrellas in several ways.

  • Customized hand painted design, or your logo on the umbrella's canopy
  • Product labels and hang tags
  • Logo or text on the umbrella's canvas carry-bag
  • Greater height /longer pole

For a quote, and to confirm that we can produce your customization, please contact us, then e-mail us your logo or text. Prices depend on the type and intricacy of the logo or text. Your logo, slogan or text remains your sole property and remains confidential.