Customer Service - by JEDI

For Customer Service, questions, and purchases please contact us here.

We have tasked JEDI (JEDI International, Ltd.) to provide our Customer Service.


Several reasons.

  • JEDI knows our products and our production processes very well. JEDI's Customer Service, Ms Supaporn, often helps out in the workshop. JEDI has helped us to improve our umbrella production.
  • They are a professional in communicating in Thai and in English. They routinely arrange export documentation, have their own export license and do not need to pay export license fees.
  • Because JEDI ships regularly they receive lower prices from shipping companies. They are good in calculating and comparing the costs of different shipping methods for customers, and advise if shipping less, more, or in different way will be more cost efficient, and can save shipping costs.
  • They perform additional quality control during the production process at our workshop, and again before shipping. This helps us reduce costs of rejects and assures quality umbrellas and hand fans for customers.
  • They follow the principles of fair trade and social and environmental responsibility. They support us in doing the same.
  • JEDI has the principle of inviting long term artisan partners to join the JEDI board and shareholders.
  • JEDI is also our neighbor, next door on the same property.

Does this increase cost?

No. It reduces costs.

For us, JEDI lowers costs by reducing rejects, by reducing cost of sales, and by increasing sales volume.
For our customers, they generate savings by clear communications, quality-checked products and low shipping cost.

JEDI has helped us develop our web site. Since April 2015 it is powered by solar panels. We've already made an energy assessment to convert our workshop to solar power. Maybe next year the workshop will be solar-powered, too!


Owner, Sunisa Umbrella Workshop
Board Member, JEDI

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