Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans

Last updated
1 February 2019

Our Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans are very popular as bridal accessories for the bride, bridesmaids, as well as for the guests. When you are planing a wedding, order your pressed flowers wedding fans exactly as you want want them, factory direct, at lower than wholesale price.

Image - Two off-white pressed flowers fans in the sunshine
Image - Light pink pressed flowers fan


  • Small: diameter 33 cm, height 20 cm, weight approx. 60 g
          US: diameter 13 in, height 8 in, weight approx. 2.0 oz
  • Large: diameter 41.50 cm, height 25 cm, weight approx. 65 g
          US: diameter 16.25 in, height 10 in, weight approx. 2.3 oz


  • PAF-FLO-08 - Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans - Small
  • PAF-FLO-10 - Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans - Large

Types and Color Tints

We offer a wide variety of colors and pressed flowers decorations, with different flower colors or more or less flowers, with or without fine bamboo leaves. Have a look at our gallery. Choose an existing, or request a custom combination.


Our pressed flowers wedding fans are made with natural, locally grown, quickly renewable resources. Bamboo, Mulberry bark, Bougainvillea flower petals, other flower petals, and bamboo greenery. They are made in socially responsible work conditions.

Matching Wedding Umbrellas

We are often asked to match our Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans with our Pressed Flowers Wedding Umbrellas. You could also have a look here for further flower motifs and color samples.

Customize, Personalize - Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans

To personalize Pressed Flowers Fans as wedding fans or for anniversaries and other events, you can customize it with the following options:

  • Laser engraving name and date on the fan handles, color in brown - 0.90 usd/each, plus prototyping 30.00 usd - with minimum 100 piece
  • Hand painted name and date on the fan handles, suggested color in white (or any other color) - 0.25 usd/each, plus prototyping 30.00 usd
  • Clear sticker with name and date, or other details, on the fan handles - 0.25 usd/each, plus prototyping 30.00 usd
  • Screened design or logo on the fan body, suggested to use 1-2 colors - one color print 0.60 usd/each, plus prototyping 45.00. two - color print 0.90 usd/each, plus prototyping 55.00 or cost depend on pattern design - with minimum 100 piece
  • Hang tag with printed text in up to four-color print - 0.45 usd/each, plus prototyping 45.00 usd - with minimum 100 piece
  • Customized and Personalized Hand Fans - Examples

Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans - Wholesale Price

Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans - Small:
  • PAF-FLO-08 is 1.25 usd/each
Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans - Large:
  • PAF-FLO-10 is 1.35 usd/each

Shown prices are Ex-Works Chiang Mai for the minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. This includes export packaging and documentation. Ex Works prices do not include shipping. We send you the cheapest shipping method to your destination based on your inquiry details.