Chiang Mai Classic Umbrellas

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28 May 2024

Sunshine and rain, all seasons umbrellas. Factory direct from Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, Chiang Mai, Thailand. For retail stores, horeca establishments, event planners and distributors. Wholesale oiled umbrellas.

Heatwave? Beat the heat with a cool Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella. Reduce sunshine temperature by 5° - 10° degrees. Plus UV protection from direct sunlight.

Always in Style

Our branded line Chiang Mai Classic Umbrellas is the traditional flagship of our hand-held umbrella production. It is based on the traditional Thai oiled umbrella which is used in many areas of Thailand in everyday life. These are affordable, natural and environmentally responsible umbrellas. The Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella is made with a combination of traditional and modern materials. Similar to its strong bamboo frame, the canopy is handmade, resulting in highly water-resistant oiled cotton material.

Environmentally Responsible Bamboo Umbrella
The umbrella frame is made with selected, durable bamboo, shaped and assembled by our highly skilled master crafters. Our bamboo is locally abundant, grows quickly and is our material of choice for environmentally sustainable manufacture.

Red and White Chiang Mai Classic Umbrellas - front view
Protect from the heat with a Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella. Here at the Coloseum in Rome, Italy.
Classic Chiang Mai Umbrellas - Hand painted Silver Lotus on off-white
Classic Chiang Mai Umbrellas Hand Painted Dragon
Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - Red - Side view
Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - Details

We produce three main umbrella sizes and offer a wide choice of vibrant solid colors. Or choose from our selection of hand painted canopies in traditional or modern design, or use your own design, logo or text on the umbrella or its canvas carry bag.


  • S: diameter 70 cm (27.5 in), height 62 cm (24.5 in), weight 300 g (10.5 oz)
  • M: diameter 85 cm (33.5 in), total length 72 cm (28.4 in), weight 500 g (17.6 oz)
  • L: diameter 100 cm (39.4 in), total length 75 cm (29.5 in), weight 600 g (21.2 oz)

Colors and Paintings

To specify a color or a hand painting please use the gallery description, for example "red" or "Silver Lotus on red". Add this color or painting description to the product code. Select from colors and hand paintings in our gallery pages:

2021 Summer most popular colors for this model:
Off-white, cream, vermilion red, dark grey, dark green, lemon yellow and dark yellow. Lemon yellow and greys are not shown in our color samples, but are available.


The hand-held Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella is available in two versions, with a natural wooden top and bonnet for a traditional look, and with a black top without bonnet for a more modern look. Both versions are the same price.

The traditional wooden top with the bonnet is shown in the second and third image on the left, there's also a good view in the image of red umbrellas at the top of the page. The popularity of the two models is just about equal.

Solid Colors

With bonnet top:

  • CMC-101-70 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 70 cm open diameter
  • CMC-101-85 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 85 cm open diameter
  • CMC-101-100 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 100 cm open diameter

With black top:

  • CMC-102-70 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 70 cm open diameter
  • CMC-102-85 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 85 cm open diameter
  • CMC-102-100 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 100 cm open diameter

^ Bonnet top and black top are the same price.

With Hand Painting

With bonnet and wooden top:

  • CMC-201-70 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 70 cm open diameter
  • CMC-201-85 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 85 cm open diameter
  • CMC-201-100 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 100 cm open diameter

With black wooden top:

  • CMC-202-70 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 70 cm open diameter
  • CMC-202-85 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 85 cm open diameter
  • CMC-202-100 Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella - 100 cm open diameter

^ Bonnet top and black top with hand painting are the same price.

An example product code is "CMC-102-70 Red" or "CMC-201-85 Silver Lotus on white". The umbrella pack in clear plastic sleeve. An off-white canvas carry bag with shoulder strap is optional.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price

Wholesale prices are based on quantity. Shown prices are ex-works for the quantity of 36 pieces with 6 pieces per color or hand painted design. Contact us for a quote on higher quantities.

Chiang Mai Classic™ Umbrellas - Solid Colors:
  • CMC-101-70 is 11.80 US$/piece
  • CMC-101-85 is 13.00 US$/piece
  • CMC-101-100 is 15.00 US$/piece
Chiang Mai Classic™ Umbrellas - Hand Painted:
  • CMC-201-70 is 17.50 US$/piece
  • CMC-201-85 is 19.90 US$/piece
  • CMC-201-100 is 22.00 US$/piece

Contact us to purchase a single piece.

Product: Umbrellas, HS Code EU: 6601 10, HS Code US: 6601 91, Country of Origin: Thailand

Our ex-works manufacturer wholesale price includes export packaging for overseas shipping. Shipping cost is not included, with your inquiry we calculate our suggestion for the most economic shipping options based on your location and delivery deadline.

For retail purchase, if you cannot find a retailer of our items nearby, do contact us.

Order a Custom Logo or Text

You can customize and personalize your umbrella in several ways.

  • Custom hand painted design, or your logo on the umbrella's canopy
  • Text or slogan engraved on the handle of the umbrella
  • Product labels and hang tags
  • Logo or text on the umbrella's canvas carry-bag
  • Custom size and length

We can also customize the black top with another color.

For a quote, and to assess and confirm that we can make your customization, please contact us, then e-mail us your logo or text. Prices depend on the sophistication and type of the logo or text. Your logo remains your sole property and it remains confidential.


Our Chiang Mai Classic Umbrellas are manufactured at our workshop in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai province.

Sunisa Umbrella Workshop is a 5 minute motor scooter ride from Bo Sang Umbrella Village, where many of our umbrellas are sold in local tourist shops. Our Chiang Mai Classic Umbrellas brand relates to the categories of Oiled Umbrellas, Bamboo Umbrellas, Thai Umbrellas  and Japanese Umbrellas. They have a similar look and feel as Oil Paper Umbrellas and the oiled version of Chinese Paper Umbrellas, while our umbrellas may be considered more durable than the oil paper umbrella version.

What are Oiled Umbrellas and Oil Paper Umbrellas?
While they have a similar look and feel as oil paper umbrellas which are more prevalent in China, our oiled umbrellas do not contain paper. Our canopy's base material is cotton, processed with a recipe of natural and oil-based materials. Our umbrella is therefore also known as waterproofed cotton bamboo umbrella. This traditional waterproofing method gives the canopy a firm, yet flexible, parchment-like texture, similar to that of oil paper umbrellas.

Our Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella is a highly water-resistant oiled umbrella providing excellent rain and sun protection.

For the standard paper umbrellas that are not water-resistant, please see our product line of Paper Umbrellas.

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