Pressed Flowers Wedding Umbrellas

Last updated
19 March 2024

Actually, all our umbrellas are popular as wedding umbrellas. Yet, when you are planning your wedding, your choice of umbrellas may well depend on the purpose you have in mind.

Are the umbrellas for the guests, for the bridesmaids, the bride or for the wedding couple? Are the umbrellas also intended as give-aways? Is the focus more on ambiance and decor, or is it practical, or both? Your umbrellas can certainly make for a memorable, romantic photo shoot!

Pressed Flowers Wedding Umbrellas

Wedding planners often choose our Pressed Flowers Wedding Umbrellas, especially as accessories for the bride and bridesmaids.

We exclusively use quickly renewable, natural pressed flower petals and natural greenery embedded in the mulberry paper umbrella cover. The petals are often from the Bougainvillea plant which grows abundantly in our area with many color shades from white to red and pink. The greenery is often from bamboo trees. Other petals and greenery are used as well, depending on the motif. These are also mulberry paper umbrellas, with petals and greenery embedded in the paper when it is being made.

You have a wide choice of motifs and background colors. View current motifs and background colors in our gallery:

With a bit of notice we can customize petals, greenery and background.


We make our paper umbrellas with and without tassels. Standard production is without, production with tassels is upon request. The price is the same.

Matching Wedding Fans

We are often asked to match our Pressed Flowers Wedding Umbrellas with our Pressed Flowers Wedding Fans. You could also have a look here for further flower motifs and color samples.


Even the little ones can carry an umbrella! Available in five sizes form Tiny to Medium.

  • Tiny - Diameter 25 cm (9.5in), length 27 cm (10.5in), weight 100 g (3.5oz)
  • Mini - Diameter 50 cm (19.5in), total length 47 cm (18.5in), weight 200 g (7oz)
  • Petite - Diameter 60 cm (23.5in), total length 53 cm (21in), weight 250 g (8.8oz)
  • Small - Diameter 70 cm (27.5in), length 62 cm (24.5in), weight 320 g (10.5oz)
  • Medium - Diameter 85 cm (33.5in), length 72 cm (28.5in), weight 450 g (14oz)

Sizes and weights are approximate.

Wholesale Price Pressed Flowers Wedding Umbrellas

Wholesale prices are based on quantity. Shown prices are ex-works for the minimum order quantity of 36 pieces with 6 pieces per color & flower motif and size.

Sizes Pressed Flowers Wedding Umbrellas Price /piece (US$)
Tiny PAP-FLO-25 5.50
Mini PAP-FLO-50 6.50
Petite PAP-FLO-60 7.50
Small PAP-FLO-70 8.70
Medium PAP-FLO-85 9.90

The factory-direct, ex works, manufacturer wholesale price excludes shipping cost. Individual plastic umbrella sleeve, export packaging and documents for overseas shipping are included. We calculate and send you our best economic shipping options for doorstep delivery based on your inquiry details.

Customizations and Personalizations

You can customize and personalize your pressed flowers wedding umbrellas in several ways.

  • Logo or text on the umbrella's handle
  • Canvas carry bag with logo or text or without
  • Product labels and hang tags
  • Packaging configuration according to specific requirement.

For a quote, and to confirm that we can make your customization, please contact us, subsequently send us your logo or text by email. Customization prices depend on the type and sophistication of the logo or text. Your logo remains your sole property and it remains confidential.

Sustainable, Responsible

These are environmentally sustainable, genuine mulberry paper umbrellas with genuine flower petals and greenery. The bamboo, mulberry bark, flower petals and greenery used to make this umbrella are natural, quickly renewable, local resources. Our artisans produce the umbrella in socially responsible, fair trade work conditions.