Hand Fans

Last updated 24 May 2023

Our folding hand fans are made with bamboo frames, using fabric and handmade mulberry paper. Get your sustainable bamboo hand fans at factory price, better than wholesale, manufacturer direct from Chiang Mai Umbrellas - Master Craft.

Why Hand Fans?

For us, the production of folding bamboo hand fans together with umbrellas is a natural combination. Both product lines are made of very similar materials - bamboo, cotton, paper, fabric. Both product lines follow closely related production processes - carving bamboo by hand, applying the cover material. The skills are not exactly the same, but very similar. No machinery is needed for the traditional manufacturing method.

We make handmade Pressed Flowers Fans, Mulberry Paper Fans with Natural Frame and Black Frame, Fabric Folding Fans, Paper Fans in Batik Shapes. Standard, customized or personalized, all with eco-friendly bamboo frames.


Both products use the same type of bamboo. While bamboo is already an environmentally sustainable material, we don't waste an inch of it. The longer bamboo pieces are used for umbrella production, the shorter pieces are for hand fans production. While our umbrellas have a wider range of cover materials, both also use mulberry paper and fabric as cover materials.


Both products require highly experienced bamboo hand carving skills. The combination of both products also makes it ideal to color-match, and use them together, for example for themed weddings or other special occasions. In addition we can personalize and customize both umbrellas and hand fans, even as complete set. Our hand fans are made in socially responsible, fair trade work conditions.

Personalized, Customized

In standard configuration, or personalized for weddings with name and date in various methods, or as customized promotional advertising fans with company logo or slogan. Sreened print, digital print, sublimation print, direct film transfer, laser engraving. At factory price, manufacturer direct.

Let us know what we can do for you! Then celebrate, promote and advertise with sustainable, natural bamboo hand fans.

ChiangMaiUmbrellas is in full support of the proposal to add the folding hand fan to the unicode emoji set: https://www.unicode.org/L2/L2021/21192-folding-hand-fan-emoji.pdf. It's about time.


Purchase your hand fans wholesale, factory direct from the source. In standard configuration, personalized or customized with logo.