Umbrella Care, Maintenance and Repair

Last updated
5 October 2018

Taking good care of your bamboo umbrella makes it look good and prolongs its life. If something gets damaged, consider a repair instead a replacement! Here we cover 1. Care and 2. Repair.

1. Bamboo Umbrella Care

Bamboo Umbrella Frames Care

Bamboo umbrellas do not require a lot of maintenance. To spruce up your umbrella's bamboo, you can treat it with a furniture care product like Pledge or teak oil. Choose a testing spot first. Apply the substance with a cloth or a used-up toothbrush, instead of applying it directly. Realize that unfinished or matte finished wooden parts may change to a darker color as they absorb more of the maintenance substance. Make sure the maintenance substance does not get on the umbrella weaving threads - these may weaken, and also not on the umbrella cover material - it may discolor.

Consider a repair if any frame parts get damaged somehow. We can advise you on possibly doing the repair yourself or, if feasible, sending the umbrella in to our workshop.

Oiled Bamboo Umbrellas Care

Oiled cotton bamboo umbrellas and Brelli® transparent umbrellas with UV protection are for use in sunshine, rain and snow.

Give your umbrella time to fully dry after it has been out in the rain. Realize that it may take a bamboo umbrella longer to dry than a metal and nylon umbrella. It is fine to dry the bamboo umbrella in strong sunshine.

Store a bamboo umbrella when it is fully dry. It is best stored in a cool, dry place. Yet don't miss the chance to take it out into a hot sunny day when the opportunity represents itself. Your bamboo umbrella loves a sunbath!

Oiled Bamboo Umbrella Cover Care

You can spruce up an oiled cotton umbrella's cover by applying paint to the cover. Use enamel paint only, together with paint thinner, in similar color as the original. Instead of using a paint brush, wear plastic gloves, apply the paint to a cloth, and slowly rub a thin layer of paint onto the cover. Allow the umbrella to fully dry in the open air, strong sunshine is fine, and repeat the process if necessary. If you are changing the color, you may need to do several layers. Note that your objective is to keep the paint flexible, whereas thicker paint and more layers may cause the paint to crack and damage the canopy.

The cover of an oiled cotton umbrella can also be fully replaced. We can advise you on possibly doing this yourself or, if feasible, sending the umbrella in to our workshop.

Fabric and Paper Bamboo Umbrellas Care

Fabric and paper umbrellas are for use in sunshine. They are not recommended for use in rain. Fabric umbrellas will ultimately let water through, and an untreated mulberry paper canopy may damage when it gets wet.

You can spruce up a fabric umbrella cover by adding another layer of fabric on top of the original material. This also goes for mulberry paper umbrellas when using relatively thin paper.

A fabric or paper cover can also be completely replaced. We can advise you on possibly doing this yourself or, if feasible, sending the umbrella in to our workshop.

Market Umbrellas Care

Our Market Umbrellas are for use in sunshine, rain and snow. Our Market Umbrella is made with heavy duty wood, heavy duty hardware and heavy duty PVC. Allow the wood and canopy to fully dry before folding and storing the umbrella.


To spruce up the wood and hardware, you can treat it with a furniture care product like Pledge or teak oil. Do not get the furniture care product onto the canopy material, any oily care product is almost certain to discolor it. Best to remove the canopy before applying a care product to the upper frame.

Damaged wooden parts can be repainted /refinished, or replaced with same sized items.


The heavy duty canopy can be removed from the frame. Because its removal requires a bit of force this is not an activity you want to do on a daily basis. Before taking the canopy off we recommend to first place the umbrella in strong sunshine or a well heated room to make the canopy material more pliable. Then unscrew the top ferrule and remove its skirt. Then pull the canopy off at the edges. To put the canopy back on, similarly warm the canopy up a bit, pull the edges onto the frame, add the top skirt and screw the top ferrule back on.

A damaged canopy can be repaired by stitching and /or gluing pvc material onto the original cover. Note that stitching generally requires an industrial grade, leather capable sewing machine.

A damaged market umbrella canopy can also be replaced with a new canopy in any color. This is often sufficient for a fresh, new umbrella look.

2. Bamboo Umbrella Repair

Market and Bamboo Umbrella Repair

While we repair bamboo umbrellas from all over the world, Mr Thierry Millet in Paris repairs metal umbrellas, also from all over. We share the same philosphy.

Sunisa Umbrella Workshop provides professional repair service, repair advice, and quality replacement parts for bamboo umbrellas and heavy duty market umbrellas.

Brelli® Umbrella Repair

We love to see a spic-and-span Brelli® when we see it on TV or the social media!

If damaged, the bamboo frame parts can often be repaired, and the UV protective film cover can be replaced. We can advise you on possibly doing this yourself, or sending your Brelli in to our workshop.

Bamboo Umbrella Replacement Parts

We supply frames, handles, poles, runners, ferrules, ribs, stretchers, strings, carry bags, hardware, and canopies for bamboo umbrellas and wooden market umbrellas. That includes canopy materials such as mulberry paper sheets, saa paper sheets, cotton, canvas, nylon /rayon fabric, artificial silk, genuine silk, and high quality poly oxford canopy material.

We, the artisans of Sunisa Umbrella Workshop, provide professional repair advice, repair service, and quality replacement parts for bamboo umbrella repair.

Also parts and components for DIY do-it-yourself bamboo umbrella and parasol construction and repair.

Please use our contact page to place your question.