Placing your Order

Last updated 28 April 2023

In Short

Inquire > receive our quotation > decide your shipping method > order > production & shipping > receive your order.

About You

You are an established or starting retail business, hotel, restaurant, café (horeca) establishment, a designer, event or wedding planner, distributor or importer. You do not need to present us any formal credentials for your wholesale purchase, while you are comfortable to order at a workshop-direct quantity.

Your Inquiry

Please use our contact page to send us the details of your inquiry. A specific and complete inquiry helps us to respond quickly and efficiently. We usually reply within about half a working day. We handle all inquiries personally.

Made to Order

Our products are made to order. It takes about 7-14 days production time to produce small to medium quantities. FCL production times are about 4-6 weeks and require prior scheduling.

Minimum Order

We are a manufacturer in Thailand working with socially and environmentally reasonable production quantities. We also have reasonable minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. These MOQs are detailed on our product pages.

Most of our items have some production cost savings with quantities above the MOQs. Yet generally, the significant  cost savings are in shipping cost, either with slow shipping, or with slow shipping combined with a volume of about 2 cubic meters (about 70 cubic feet) or more. It is part of our daily business to calculate these costs and arrange shipping for our customers.


As a manufacturer and wholesaler we structure factory-direct product prices according to quantity. The prices shown on our product pages are generally for the smallest order, the minimum order quantity. These factory-direct prices are "Ex Works". This includes export packaging and export documentation. It excludes shipping cost. When you make your inquiry, we calculate and separately quote you the lowest available shipping option, based on your specific quantity, your location and delivery deadline.


You can order from our standard selection of umbrellas and hand fans. You can also decide to have them personalized or customized.

Personalizations and customizations generally incur 1) a per-item cost and 2) a one-time setup cost. The one-time setup cost (2) includes the preparation of one or more molds/dies or practicing a certain type of new painting, making a sample on a full or partial product and sending you the details to view by email. Sending a physical sample incurs additional shipping cost.

For logo design, hand painting or silk screening, we usually must see the customization or artwork before making our quote. Your design /artwork is protected under all circumstances, it remains exclusively yours, we will not use it for any purpose, except if explicitly authorized by you. Your copyright protection is guaranteed by both Sunisa Umbrella Factory and JEDI International Ltd., Chiang Mai. We may decline to make a customization if we decide that we cannot correctly produce it.

Shipping Methods

We ship worldwide. When we receive your inquiry, we calculate the lowest cost shipping option according to the details you send us. We ship by these methods:

  1. Courier services DHL, FEDEX, TNT and EMS (about 5-7 days) - doorstep delivery
  2. Postal "standard" air mail (about 14 days) or economy air mail - SAL (about 28-35 days) - doorstep or post office delivery
  3. Postal "small packet" air mail is about half the price, but double delivery time of "standard"
  4. Postal standard surface mail (56-84 days) - doorstep or post office delivery - lowest cost shipping for small orders
  5. Air freight (about one week) - delivery to almost any major city, plus doorstep trucking when needed
  6. Sea freight (about four to six weeks) - delivery to almost any major city, plus doorstep trucking when needed
  7. Ex Works Chiang Mai, FOB Thailand port, or CIF your destination

These international shipping durations are approximate. Upon sending from our workshop, we email you the shipping confirmation and tracking details. Please note that with the exception of EMS, Postal mail from Thailand does not provide online tracking.

About Shipping

As a general rule for shipping: "The slower the cheaper"  for both small and large orders.

For many countries, the cost difference between slow sea/surface shipping and faster shipping methods is very significant, for example the USA. For other countries slow shipping remains cheapest, yet the cost difference compared with faster shipping may be smaller. Yet for certain, planning ahead  will save you money.

More often than not, items are needed quickly. We provide very economical fast shipping, including by courier. Our contract arrangements with major courier services allow for substantial discounts. More than half our customers choose the faster types of shipping.

With over fifteen years of experience we can advise you on your best shipping method. Our quote to you shows the best, lowest cost shipping options that we have available, specifically based on your order size, location and delivery deadline. Of course, you can also choose to arrange shipping through your own preferred freight forwarder.


After you send us your inquiry, we send you a quotation for the number of items that you specify. Our quotation includes an itemization of: 1) the product price, 2) the cost of your preferred shipping method, and 3) transaction cost. Our quote is valid for 14 days.


You can place your order after you have finalized your selection and have received our invoice. You place your order with an email to us confirming our quotation and your order, and a full prepayment. Production of your order starts the working day after we receive your payment. Production time and planned shipping date are shown in our quotation/invoice.

When we work at full capacity we must schedule customer orders. We inform you of our estimated production date, and prioritize the production schedule by your email confirmation. With preceding receipt of your payment, production of your order starts on the confirmed, scheduled production date.


Payment is made in advance. When you confirm your order, we send you an invoice with detailed payment information. If you make your payment by bank transfer, please email us a short payment confirmation (Thai banks do not notify transfers). Your order goes into production on the working day, or your confirmed scheduled production date, after we receive your payment.

You can make your payment by:

  • TransferWise ( with Bank Debit card or Credit Card)
  • Bank transfer, International wire transfer (= Bank SWIFT transfer)
  • Local ATM transfer (Thailand)
  • Local COD through Thailand Post (Thailand)

PayPal - PP Thailand is reorganising. As of 7 March 2022 business accounts could could not receive payments. This year PP Thailand has resumed - and subsequently its customer and seller processes are a shambles. Therefore we cannot and will not use PP Thailand again, there are many alternatives - use:

TransferWise works well and inexpensively for payments to Thailand. See this third party >> guide.

Payment methods carry different administrative costs. These are on the buyer's (your) account: Please ensure we receive the actual invoice amount. For TransferWise please add the (low) transfer cost to the sending amount. For bank SWIFT transfer please tick "transfer cost at sender expense". For Paypal we include transfer costs in our invoice. For LCL and FCL orders other payment terms may apply.

Quality Control

We perform product quality monitoring during the production process, and quality controls immediately after production, and quality control before export shipping to our customers. It is a standard that we have set and further refined since 2003.


You are purchasing directly from Thailand. Your shipment is processed by your country's customs service. The items may incur value added tax and import duties. As standard import/export procedure, any and all costs associated with the importation are carried by you, the buyer, separately from your purchase with us. Generally:

All countries: Specific regulations to waive taxes and duties for small orders may apply.

Australia: Department of Agriculture biodiversity provisions apply.

USA: Sales tax is not charged.

Your customs/tariff office can give you direct details (by their web site or phone information center). In all cases, your country's customs officers make all final decisions on importation matters.

The import procedure is generally quite easy for smaller orders. The postal service provides a form to fill and specifies any vat/duty that may be due. Couriers handle this similarly. The larger sea/air freighted shipments are usually processed through an agent appointed by the freight forwarder (or chosen by yourself), while you can also do this yourself at the point of entry to your country.

Customer Support

Sunisa Umbrella Factory's international sales are supported by JEDI International Ltd., an export specialist in Chiang Mai whom we have tasked to ensure high quality customer service, lowest possible shipping rates and efficient export documentation. Payments and documentation of international shipments are usually in the name of JEDI International Ltd.

Exclusive Rights

Consider becoming our product agent for your area. When we grant you exclusive rights for a country, state, province or island, we refer all its customer inquiries, large or small, directly to you.