Consumer interest in umbrellas for rain or sun protection rises around March, peaks around June/July and tapers off in September. Lows are in January. To benefit from the shortest production lead time and the slower yet low cost shipping methods, we recommend ordering early.

Welcome! Chiang Mai Umbrellas is Sunisa Umbrella Factory's English language web site. We are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and manufacture high quality bamboo umbrellas, serving customers worldwide. Our product lines cover modern umbrellas, classic Thai umbrellas, paper umbrellas and wedding umbrellas. We also produce fabric and paper hand fans with bamboo frames.

Our umbrellas and hand fans are handmade with environmentally sustainable materials. We exclusively use local, quickly renewable bamboo. Most or our umbrella covers are made of natural materials and all of our umbrella materials are fully biodegradable. This also goes for our bamboo hand fans. We make our products in socially responsible working conditions.

Our umbrellas offer you and your customers trendy and affordable protection from the sun and the rain. Our hand fans keep you cool when its hot, in a traditional and environmentally sustainable way. Browse our portfolio and the galleries. You'll probably find what you're looking for: wholesale umbrellas and hand fans at low factory direct prices and doable minimum order quantities.

Chiang Mai Classic Umbrellas

Thailand's traditional oiled umbrellas. Made with a strong bamboo frame. Hand held umbrellas and patio umbrellas. Choose from 25 colors.

Paper Umbrellas

Perfect wedding umbrellas and party umbrellas made of Mulberry paper and a bamboo frame. Choose from 26 colors, pressed flower motifs and batik patterns. Mini umbrellas size to large sizes.

Cotton Umbrellas

Cute cotton umbrellas in 2 sizes and 10 vibrant colors. With a classy 8-point bamboo frame. In standard solid colors or personalized with your custom design.

Fabric Umbrellas

Light fabric, artificial silk umbrellas, also used as decorative party and wedding umbrellas. Choose from 10 colors and 4 sizes, in solid colors or with your logo or a hand painted design.

Transparent Umbrellas

Fashionable and trendy transparent umbrellas with full UV protection. In clear, pink and grey shades and up to 6 sizes. Made of environmentally responsible and fully biodegradable materials. The fashionable Brelli® and the trendy AsiaModerna®.

Market Umbrellas

Heavy duty market umbrellas, fully waterproof. In 14 colors and two standard sizes. In standard configuration or as custom umbrellas with your painted logo or design.

Custom and Promotional Umbrellas

Most of our umbrellas can be fully customized according to your preferences. This includes customization as promotional umbrellas with logo's, texts, colors and sizes to fit your promotional purpose.

Hand Fans

Perfect as wedding fans or for use in special events, as is or personalized and customized. Choose from paper fans in solid colors, pressed flowers fans, or batik shape fans.

Factory-direct fashionable and trendy wholesale bamboo umbrellas and hand fans for your event or retail store. Handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with easy shipping to your preferred destination.

February 2014 - Featured Products:

Chiang Mai Classic™ Umbrellas

Traditional Oiled Umbrellas WholesaleThe Chiang Mai Classic Umbrella is one of our most popular umbrellas worldwide. Available in three main hand held sizes, five patio sizes and a wide selection of vibrant colors. For both sun and rain protection. Order these modern looking, yet traditionally made oiled umbrellas wholesale or FOB, directly from our umbrella workshop.

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> Chiang Mai Classic Patio Umbrellas - Wholesale, Factory Direct