Canvas Umbrellas

Last updated
8 May 2018

Casual Canvas

Great for outings in sunshine, special occasions and for wedding decoration. Hand held canvas umbrellas in ten strong, expressive colors. Made with a strong 8-point bamboo frame. Natural and environmentally responsible. Purchase canvas umbrellas wholesale, factory direct, for your retail outlet or for your special event.

Image - Canvas Umbrella Assorted Colors
Image - Canvas Umbrella in Solid Color - Wholesale Canvas Umbrellas
Image - Canvas Umbrellas in Solid Purple and White - Wholesale Canvas Umbrellas
Image - Canvas Umbrella Hanging Up Side Down
Image - Canvas Umbrella - Product Details


Canvas Hand Umbrellas

  • M: diameter 85 cm (33.5 in), total length 72 cm (28.4 in), weight 450 g (15.8 oz)
  • L: diameter 100 cm (39.4 in), total length 75 cm (29.5 in), weight 550 g (19.4 oz)


Our canvas umbrellas are available in 10 colors: Blue, dark green, light green, lilac, off white, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow.

Carry Bag

Canvas Umbrellas are supplied with an off-white, cotton carry bag with simple carry strap.


  • CAV-101-85 Canvas Umbrella - 85 cm open diameter
  • CAV-101-100 Canvas Umbrella - 100 cm open diameter

Manufacturer Wholesale Price

The wholesale price for our canvas bamboo umbrellas is based on quantity. The shown price is for the ex works minimum order quantity of 36 pieces with 6 pieces per color shade and size.

Pure 100% Cotton Canvas in White:
  • CAV-101-85 is 10.00 US$/each
  • CAV-101-100 is 11.50 US$/each
Canvas Umbrellas in Solid Colors:
  • CAV-101-85 is 11.00 US$/each
  • CAV-101-100 is 12.50 US$/each

This is our ex-works, factory direct manufacturer wholesale price. It includes export packaging for overseas shipping. It does not include shipping cost. Contact us with your intended purchase details, your location and delivery time, and we reply with the details of the most economic shipping options for your location and deadline.

Customizations and Personalizations

You can customize and personalize your canvas umbrellas in several ways.

  • Customized hand painted design, or your logo on the umbrella's canopy
  • Logo or text on the umbrella's handle
  • Logo or text on the umbrella's canvas carry-bag
  • Product labels and hang tags
  • Packaging configuration according to specific requirement.
  • Unbleached white 100% natural canvas umbrellas in various thicknesses (weights), with or without other customizations.

For a quote, and to confirm that we can make your customization, please contact us, then e-mail us your logo or text. Prices depend on the type and sophistication of the logo or text. Your logo remains your sole property and it remains confidential.

This umbrella is also available in larger sizes for use as a > Patio Umbrella.