Brelli Umbrellas

Last updated
24 April 2019

Wholesale Brelli - Transparent Umbrellas with UV Protection

You can now order the Brelli wholesale directly from the manufacturer, here at Sunisa Umbrella Workshop with JEDI International in Thailand, exclusively authorized by Brelli's Pam & Co., New York.

Image - Clear Brelli, large - with transparent chair
Image - Pink Brelli, medium - transparent umbrella
Image - Grey Sun Brelli, large - transparent umbrella
Image - Pink Bling Brelli with Swarovski Crystals

Brelli Design

Designed by New York designer Pamela Zonsius, the Brelli® is made to combine fashionable looks and protection with low weight, strength and environmental sustainability.

Its high-tech transparent Brellix® film is made in the USA and provides 99% UV protection while fully biodegradable.

Its bamboo frame is made at our workshop in Thailand, by skilled master craftspeople using choice bamboo that is light-weight, strong and quickly renewable.

The result is a chic, light-weight, strong umbrella that protects from rain and sunshine, while all its materials are fully biodegradable.


  • Brief Brelli: diameter 71 cm (30 in), height 36 cm (14.2 in)
  • Extra Small Brelli: diameter 88 cm (35 in), height 61 cm (24 in)
  • Small Brelli: diameter 94 cm (37 in), height 65 cm (25.5 in)
  • Medium Brelli: diameter 117 cm (46 in), height 72 cm (29 in)

The Brief Brelli is designed as an umbrella that fits into a briefcase or a handbag. A larger golf-size Brelli is available by custom production.

Starting year 2020 we streamline Brelli sizes as follows:

  • Brief << Brief (no change)
  • Small << Extra Small
  • Medium << Small
  • Large << Medium

The new size names inherit their predecessors dimensions.


The Brelli is available in clear, pink and grey transparent canopy shades.

  • Clear Brelli - clear transparent - 4 sizes: Brief, X-Small, Small, Medium
  • Pink Brelli - pink transparent - 4 sizes: Brief, X-Small, Small, Medium
  • Sun Brelli - jet grey transparent - 3 sizes: Brief, Small, Medium

The luxury Bling Brelli with Swarovsky crystals may still be available from international sales outlets as long as stocks last.

Choosing your Brelli:

  1. Choose any Brelli if you are looking for a maximum of UV protection.
  2. Choose the Clear Brelli to enjoy the light of any day, sunny days, cloudy days and grey rainy days.
  3. Choose the Pink Brelli to catch the light of any weather with the subtle reflection of a slight fresh blush for yourself, in sunshine or rain.
  4. Choose the jet grey SunBrelli for transparent shade in sunshine and protection from rain.

"Probably the most environmentally and socially responsible umbrella you can buy in the world today. On top of that its chic, light, and strong, with real protection."   (JWR - 2018)

Carry Bag

All Brelli® Umbrellas are supplied with a high quality, off-white canvas carry bag with strong carry strap, featuring the classic round Brelli logo. See the carry bag in the Brelli Gallery. The special Bling Brelli uses the same same carry bag, showing a Swarovsky crystal on the round Brelli logo.


See the Brelli and its enthusiastic owners, from San Francisco to Sarasota, from Ibiza to Nishihama Beach and Melbourne. Provide your customers with eco-friendly UV and rain protection with a gem of an umbrella!

Customize the Brelli

You can customize and personalize your Brelli umbrellas in several ways.

  • Customized sticker on the umbrella's transparent film canopy
  • Customized logo or text on the umbrella's canvas carry-bag
  • Customized product labels and hang tags
  • Customized product packaging, such as ready to ship single item packaging

For a quote, and to confirm that we can make your customization, please contact us, then e-mail us your logo or text. Your logo or slogan remains your sole property and remains confidential.


Standard individual packaging is the high quality carry bag with Brelli logo. Multiple item packaging configurations are adjusted according to shipping method, in coordination with the buyer.

Fair Trade

Sunisa Umbrella Workshop is a socially and environmentally responsible artisan workshop. We produce the Brelli under fair trade conditions. For details please see our > Fair Trade Principles and Policy.

Retail Sales

For customer sales in the US please contact > Brelli's Pam & Co, New York.
If you cannot find a Brelli near you, contact us here for a direct purchase. Your Brelli will be made to order. It may take 7-14 days, but you will have your Brelli, workshop direct.

Wholesale Sales

MOQ for distributor - wholesale purchase is 36 pieces. To order please contact us here.


Brelli® is a registered trademark and is protected by several international patents.