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16 August 2021

A sturdy, simple, stylish lamp with straight lines. Simplicity defined. Atmosphere guaranteed. Eco-friendly built in.

Bamboo Pendant Lamps

Our bamboo pendant lamps are hand carved, handwoven. The natural, subtly curved funnel styling provides an organic, friendly and harmonious atmosphere in modern, contemporary and traditional settings.

Living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen. Or for your hotel, restaurant or café. Use a single lamp, a pair, or place a few in a row, over a full-size table or a bar counter.

Bamboo ceiling suspension lamp vertical close-up
Bamboo ceiling suspension lamp in our sala house
Details of our bamboo ceiling lamp showing the bottom right corner

The bamboo pendant lamp is our newest item. It is intended for indoor use, for suspension from the ceiling. Any modern light bulb is fine, we recommend a 5 watt warm-white LED bulb.

For many areas a black bulb fixture and cable will be fine, in brighter or more pastel themed spaces the lamp also looks good with a white bulb fixture and white suspension cable.

Size and weight

We currently make one size. Other sizes of this same design are in development.

- Height: 35 cm (13 3/4 inch)
- Upper width: 13.5 cm (5 1/3 inch)
- Lower width: 32 cm (12 1/2 inch.
- Weight: 1 kg (2.2 pounds).
Dimensions and weight are approximate.

Lamps of the same size can be stacked for shipping.


  • natural (no coloring)
  • light brown
  • light bamboo
  • custom colors

Images show the natural bamboo version with no coloring. For this version you receive lamps in lighter and darker bamboo color tones (unless specified otherwise). The natural bamboo color darkens over time.

Other standard color choices are matte coloring in natural looking light brown, and natural looking light bamboo color. These are even in color appearance remain color-true for longer term. Custom colors are available on request.

As electrical requirements vary per area, we differentiate between international (worldwide) and domestic (Thailand) sales.


The product consists of the bamboo lamp shade, only. Electrical fixtures are optional. The lamp shade can accommodate electric (/suspension) cables 2x1.5mm (2 core) to 3x1.5mm (3 core).
MOQ is 18 pieces (due to shipping). Sea freight shipping of 1 cub contains approximately 140 pieces.


The product consists of the handmade bamboo lamp shade and an electrical set with bulb socket, electric cable and cable clamp. The electric ceiling suspension cable is type VCT 2x1.5mm (round, black, 2 core), length 2.0 meter. Users can securely position the height of the bulb socket/light bulb within the bamboo lamp shade according to preference. Light bulb and ceiling fixtures are not included. Minimum order quantity is 6 pieces.

Ex Works Wholesale price

Please contact us for other quantities.

Bamboo Lamp - Shade only - Export 18 pieces:
  • LAMP-101-M is 18.00 US$/piece
Bamboo Lamp - Shade and Fittings - Thailand 6 pieces:
  • LAMP-101-M is 24.00 US$/piece

Product: Lamp (with/without fixtures), HS Code EU: 9405 10 91 10, HS Code US: 9405 10 80, Country of Origin: Thailand

Design background

The bamboo lamp's design is based on a Thai traditional fish hunting tool used in shallow water, especially rice fields. The farmer wades the flooded rice field to spot fish, and with swift action traps a fish underneath the bamboo trap. The trap is also used to catch crabs and frogs. This tool remains in wide use today. Our lamp design closely follows the original fishing tool's design, with modifications to allow its use as a ceiling lamp.

The bamboo ceiling lamp uses artisan skills very similar to our bamboo umbrellas and bamboo hand fans. They are made by the same craftspeople. Environmentally and socially responsible.


And we thought we are making a bamboo lamp. Alas, our lamp must actually be named in the category of bamboo pendant lamps, which again is also described as a bamboo pendant light, or ceiling pendant lighting. To complicate it further, other terminology refers to it as a ceiling suspension lamp, light or lighting, while thankfully the eco-friendly bamboo construction suffices with a single word. Please contact us if you are interested to know more about this, our newest item.