Creative Photos!

We are expanding our photo gallery! We invite all our customers to get creative with photos of our umbrellas and hand fans.

Send us your photos, or post them on your social media!

Receive a Special Gift

Receive a special gift for either one of these two:

  1. Send us your photos with our umbrellas or hand fans, with permission to place them in our gallery or social media.
  2. Place photos of yourself and our umbrellas or hand fans on your own social media, and mention us there.

Do note:

  • When you send us your photo for our gallery or social media, please include your permission for us to place it - without your permission, we do not place it. You remain the owner of your photo. We place your photo with your first name (or if you request us to, with your full name). To remove a photo that you have permitted us to display, let us know and we will remove it.
  • You ensure the photos you send us are your original property and persons shown have permitted to be photographed.
  • The decision to display or not display photos rests with our selection team.

For any question about our creative photo initiative, just let us know when you contact us. Thanks!

Last updated 28 January 2019